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Hardwood Flooring

- Buyers Guide
- Dimensional Stability
- Janka Rating

- Hardwood Options
- Parquet Flooring
- Engineered Flooring
- Solid Wood Flooring
- Wide Plank Flooring

Wood Floors:

- Wood Options
- Hickory Flooring
- IPE Hardwood Floors
- Mesquite Flooring
- Walnut Wood Flooring


- Paper Underlay??
- Acclimatization
    - HOW?
    - To What?
- Floor Preparation
- Nail Down Flooring
- Engineered Floor-1
- Engineered Floor-2
- Bostik BEST Glue
- Bostik TKO

- Installation of Nosings
- Wood Vents


- Mirage Hardwood
- Mirage Engineered Wood
- Mirage Foor Mouldings

Care & Repair

- Maintenance
- Vacuum Hardwood Floor

Tools & Supplies

- Hardwood Flooring Nailer
- Hardwood Floor Nails
- Pneumatic Floor Nailers
- Porter Cable Nailer

- Laminate Floor Underlays


Exotic Hardwood Flooring
Ash to Zebrawood, Wood Flooring Options are Endless

American Black Walnut Hardwood Flooring: 
Walnut flooring is in a growth trend, with decorators recommending its intstallation in growing numbers not seen in 10 years. Its not for everyone though so learn the ups and downs to make an intelligent decision on whether it is the right product for you.

Hickory Hardwood Floors:  
An exciting wood with lots of personality, high extremes of colour and many natural character marks. It can look much like a traditional oak floor in the darker stains, but have its own unique appearance in the lighter colours.

Ipe Hardwood Floors:  
An incredibly dense hardwood, great for the dog and the kids, but don't try to finish it inhouse!

Mesquite Wood Flooring:  (prosopis glandulosa)
Worldwide there are over 60 various types of mesquite. Texas Flooring is usually referring to common mesquite that grows extensively in the southern United States.


Janka Wood Flooring Hardness Rating:
The Janka Test gives a ranking of to all wood species that is reflective of their tendency to dent. It is a good test to compare one wood species with another, but don't take the numbers too literally.

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