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Mesquite Flooring
Mesquite Wood Technical Specifications

Mesquite Wood: (prosopis glandulosa)
Worldwide there are over 60 various types of mesquite. Texas Flooring, refers to one of those 60 species, typically associated with the common mesquite that grows extensively in the southern United States. Understand that each species of this lumber exhibits its own unique colouring from pale straw to dark reddish browns, thus suggesting it is essential to have a conversation unique to every supplier if you are truly going to understand what flooring you are buying and the decorating look you will achieve.

Janka Wood Flooring Hardness Rating:
Mesquite comes in at a rating of 2345 putting it well ahead of all the domestic species in North America. To compare, the Janka test gives a ranking of only 1290 to a more traditional red oak hardwood flooring. Mesquite then is almost twice as hard for significantly greater wear and dent resistance. (the higher the Janka rating the denser the wood)

This would suggest that mesquite wood flooring would survive the abuse of a dog, the kids and moving the fridge, much better than that of a more traditional North American wood like red oak or maple.

Dimensional Stability:
Stability is also a critical issue when discussing hardwood flooring. Mesquite wins the prize as not only the hardest domestic wood species but also the most stable. The National Wood Flooring Association recognizes Mesquite lumber as one of the most dimensionally stable hardwoods available commercially on the hardwood flooring markets today.

I guess growing up in the desert climates where water is an unpredictable commodity this wood has learned to chill out until the next rainfall. It has one of the lowest volumetric shrinkage co-efficients of all common hardwoods. In other words when humidity levels change, as they do seasonally across most of the world, this wood changes very little in size, creating less gaps and cracks in a hardwood floor. It also makes it less likely to warp, shrink or swell, or split in dry seasons of the year. All great features for a wood you want to put on your floor!

It is a relatively easy wood to finish and you can typically use oil or urethane, on mesquite hardwood flooring according to your visual and application preferences.

Wood Flooring Design Options:
Mesquite flooring not only is fabricated into traditional strip and plank hardwood flooring but also crosscut rounds and squares that are laid like a typical parquet tile to create a unique cross grain appearance.

Other Products:
Mesquite has been used for butcher block counter tops, doors, mantles, cabinets, gun stocks and cutting boards for many of the same reasons that it makes a great hardwood flooring. Mesquite wood products capitalize on this wood's hardness, stability and beauty.


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