Hardwood Floor Installation
How to install hardwood flooring like a pro!

Installing hardwood flooring is NOT rocket science but it does require a little knowledge and attention to detail if you are to avoid the pitfalls...

What you DON'T want!

  • your floor looking like the local roller coaster when you stand back and inspect a job NOT so well done!
  • cracks between your floor boards that make cleaning an ongoing chore and a pipeline for water damage
  • buckling in mid summer
  • creaking as you walk across your hardwood floor.... Installation errors and lack of forethought can make you believe you're walking on eggs.

All these issues can be addressed with the right knowledge.

Subfloor Preparation:
Making sure that your subfloor is flat, rigid enough for the hardwood being considered and well screwed, can go a long way when you are learning how to install hardwood flooring like a pro!

There's alot of old wives tales when it comes to MOST people's understanding of proper flooring acclimatization... AND it is NO answer to poorly dried flooring in the first place, so buy wisely! A quality hardwood floor will solve many problems.

Paper or No Paper?

Glue or Nails:
This is usually a hardwood floor installation issue directly related to the type of hardwood floor you purchased and the type of subfloor.. you don't often get a choice so ask! Most products are specifically designed for nail down OR glue down.

The actual hardwood floor installation process.
At this point you have usually answered all the difficult questions and its just a matter of doing the work. Know where to start, what trims should be in place BEFORE you start and how to address any railing issues as this is usually part of the package!

Your Home
The last piece of the puzzle for a successful hardwood flooring installation is maintaining the correct home environment. This will let you enjoy all your hard work!

For help in all of these areas see the articles listed in the menu to your left.. enjoy!