Mirage Engineered Wood Flooring

Mirage Engineered Hardwood Flooring is alot more than just good looks.....................



Engineered: 3/8" x  2 9/16" & 3 5/16"   & new 1/2" x 5"
Boa Franc has specially designed this Mirage hardwood flooring for glue down applications over concrete and/or radiant heat. ... and where you'd like to install a wide plank hardwood floor but need something with greater dimension stability then what a traditional solid wood floor can offer.

Mirage engineered hardwood floor can also be nailed down over traditional plywood subfloors and used where you have limited height... like in the kitchen under the fridge or dishwasher. Once installed, the Mirage Engineered wood floors looks exactly the same as the traditional 3/4" solid wood floor.

Mirage manufactures their engineered wood flooring with the thickest real wood layer, in the industry. This allows for many sanding and refinishing operations if it becomes necessary in later years.... in fact it has the same resanding options of a solid 3/4" thick hardwood flooring.

MIRAGE Engineered flooring is made in 6 native hardwood species (ash, oak, maple, birch, cherry & walnut) and 3 exotic wood species (sapele, jatoba & cabreuva), 10 colours, 3 widths, 3 grades and 2 finishes... lots of choices to fit your decorating needs.

Their newest designer line is called "Sweet Memories" and uses a pretty cool two colour dying system to create duo-tones on 5" wide hard maple engineered floor. They leave some of the natural "defects" like knots and sap lines to create a rich rustic appearance with all the great stability that Mirage Engineered Hardwood flooring is known for.

MIRAGE Engineered Floor: Manufacturing Benefits

Drying of the Wood:
The MIRAGE factory operates on site, all the kilns to dry the lumber to exacting standards necessary to produce their flooring, thus controls everything from log to finished product. Every board is then tested for the correct moisture content avoiding cracks showing up afterwards, when unusually wet boards decide to finish drying in your home.

The plywood base is premium "Baltic birch plywood" known in the industry as the cadilac of plywoods. You can tell just by looking at how many layers it is made up of. The more layers the more stability.

Milling the perfect tongue & groove:

The strips are always manufactured perfectly straight, with a constant thickness and width offering you a perfect tongue and groove fit. This is especially true on an engineered floor. These high manufacturing standards and quality control assure an easy and worry-free installation and you save on installation time. Wastage is virtually eliminated.

Sanding that brings out the beauty of the wood:
All flooring is premounted into panels for table top style sanding. This offers superior sanding accuracy with the smallest and most uniform MICRO-V joints in the industry. Each board then becomes the exact same thickness as its partner, laying a floor that feels good on your feet.

Staining to highlight the diverse grain patterns:
Stains are applied uniformly across the wood, as well as in the MICRO-V joints, to bring out the beauty of the grain in each native and exotic wood species.

Each Mirage colour is tested with a digital camera, to guarantee the accuracy of colour match with the previous batch of flooring. This is a great advantage, when you want to install some flooring today, and continue the job further down the road. MIRAGE guarantees the accuracy of colour from batch to batch, thus it is not necessary to get all your flooring from the same "dye lot".

Continuing your renovation project a year down the road is simplified when you know you can get the exact colour when you come back to reorder.

The Finish, for maximum durability:
Mirage Engineered hardwood flooring has the exact same finish as their traditional wood flooring. An aluminum oxide compound is suspended in an ultraviolet cured polyurethane, for amazing protection and more abrasion resistance to wear then the historical polyurethane. It is baked on with UV lights like the finish on a new car.

Today they lead the pack and introduce an even better finish, using the newest in Nano-technology to create a finish that is much less likely to shatter. When sharp objects are dropped onto the floor the crack lines are limited to the point of impact. Historically they have radiated outwards like ripples in a pond, but nano-technology constrains the movement and give you a tougher finish that is more likely to survive life's mishaps.

It will fight off the kids, the dog and the teenagers better then any hardwood floor finish I have put to the test.

This is supported by a residential 25 year finish warranty.

Awhile ago I had a customer phone and ask for advice on "refinishing" her hardwood floor. She sheepishly admitted that last year she had visited our showroom to look at a Mirage Wood Floor, but ultimately decided to buy a cheaper product. Today she is trying to sell her house, but the floor looks terrible, and she needs a quick fix. Her comment, "Now I'm building a house, and I won't make the same mistake twice."

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