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Cost of IPE Wood Decking

The cost of IPE wood decking cannot be directly compared to the cost of pressure treated lumber or even knotty cedar. It would be like matching Heinz Ketchup with no name canned tomatoes!

The latter two woods can usually be purchased in the under $2.00 per board foot range and often much cheaper depending on where you live.

Clear grade western red cedar is typically closer to $4.00 per board foot and compared to the cost of IPE wood decking is in a more similar price range.

Typically, ipe decking price is in the $5-7 per board foot range. But that of course can vary drastically with geographical location and volume purchasing.

Consider thought this wood's life expectancy. Ipe decking material will be installed once. You will not be replacing boards as is common with softer woods that crack etc. over time.

Often you can down size your lumber from 1 1/2" thick decking material to 3/4" thick ipe planks to achieve the same structural integrity. This reduces the overall cost of ipe wood decking significantly.

And then there is the beauty. No other wood will leave you with the richness of ipe... it will look like a fine piece of expensive woodworking.

Standard sized lumber available
1 1/2"
3 1/2"
Width: 1 1/2"

3 1/2"


5 1/2"

7 1/2"
9 1/4"
11 1/4"
Full 1" material is typically rounded on all 4 edges for decking surfaces, sometimes on the 3/4" thickness.

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Cost of Ipe Wood Decking

"Ipe decking is an economical choice for decking lumber when considering the entire life cycle of ipe wood"

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