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Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler & Furnaces

Now the first thing you're probably wondering is why I included this information on a site about woodworking and home rennovation. Well you see I've just purchased a Heatmor Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler. Furnaces, like the Heatmor Wood Boiler, are the perfect solution for many companies to use their wood scraps in a cost effective and environmentally conscious way. It consumes a waste stream from production and creates FREE space heat.. what's not to like?

I thought it made sense to share with you my research notes. It has taken many hours of conversation both on the internet, in plumbing stores and with various sales reps to get some real hard questions answered in a way that satisfied my pigheaded mind.

Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler: Furnaces designed to meet your and your communities needs, or maybe not?

Do you use Glycol Antifreeze in a wood outdoor home boiler and if so what type should you use?




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