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Hardwood Stairs

Hardwood Stairs are our specialty. With a huge investment, for the small company that we are, we can make wood steps in not only the easy woods like red oak, but also the hard to find and hard to work with ones like: Tigerwood, Brazilian Cherry and the absolutely worst to plane, African Mahogany. All the woods and all the funny shapes that the big guys won't touch!

We make them

... in the size you need up to 8' long,

... in the shape you need,

... and in the wood you desire!

Please visit our company site to find out what information you need to place an order or just give us a call with questions regarding our manufacturing capabilities. We'd love to ship you some steps knowing you'll be happy with what you receive. We're small, we care and we're meticulous!

We've shipped individual orders of custom steps to British Columbia, Nova Scotia, California, Florida and lots of places in between!

The manufacturing of hardwood stairs is our specialty at Lacasse Fine Wood Products (our sister company) so please visit:  LacasseFineWoodProducts.com

Hours: 8am - 5pm M T W & Friday
            8am - 7pm Thursday

Phone/Fax: 705-522-5728
Toll Free: 1-877-202-7024

Address: 1100 Old Wanup Rd. Sudbury,Ontario





"I have nothing but praise on the quality of wood and the promptness in which I received it.

... M.Betts, Toronto


"You answered questions we never even thought of asking..."

... P Chartrand, Winnipeg


"Much appreciate all your professional service, you helped alot ...."

..V.Mendes, Brampton


"Thanks so much again for your friendly service and quality product. We are very happy with the final result. " kind regard,

..S. Cook, The Pas, Manitoba