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Hardwood Stairs

Solid Wood Steps
To create that graceful entrance way with exotic wood steps and railings, that sort of oozes fine craftmanship, you really have two installation options. Bulding your steps from scratch out of the wood of your choice.. oak, walnut, cherry ....or work around your existing installation and look at an easier and less expensive method to replace carpet on stairs with wood planks, with premade wood planks, again in a full choice of wood species.

Your choice will depend on three things.. your woodworking skill, the design and the stage of construction

Our sister company makes a lot of oak stair treads (as well as birch, maple, ash, cherry etc... ) for those individuals that have an existing set of construction steps and would like to consider recapping. Match them to your new floor, fine antiques or the new kitchen cabinets.

Learn How to recover old steps
This method can also be used to create a new set of wood steps that is both less expensive then using oak 2x12 for stringers and also a more forgiving, construction method for those of you that would like to tackle the project on your own but are not all that comfortable with working with solid wood stringers ..make all your mistakes building a set of plywood stairs and then recover them in fine wood.... check out our ideas on "Install Hardwood Stairs" web page.

Do you care what the Ontario Building Code says?
Be sure to visit our section on "Canadian building codes", that is published by the Ontario Government, to make sure that your installation is done correctly and safely. (or alternatively US Building Codes)

We have seen situations where the wood stairs & railings were NOT installed to code and customers were sued at the time of an accident. We also know of situations where home sales were blocked until, wood stair railings were redone to comply with the local handrail code.................. that's why we suggest doing your research and having it installed professionally the first time.....

NOTE: code can vary by province and state so please check with your local building office.



Hardwood Stairs
Steps made to size, in the wood you'd like, in the shape you need!

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