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Michael Weinig Group
Weining Wood Moulders are their claim to fame!

The Weinig Group is one of the largest global manufacturers of solid wood processing equipment. It's head office is in Germany with distribution and service facilities worldwide, including major offices in Asia, the UK, United States, Australia and even South Africa.

In the mid eighties it was sold to Kuwaiti investors and the Weinig family members retired from management. The company ultimately ended up as a public corporation buying numerous other tool fabricators along the way.

Weinig began life as a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, in the early 1900's converting its facilities after World War II to develop its own line of wood processing equipment. The Michael Weinig Group is probably best known on the North American continent as a producer of some of the best wood moulders on the market.

In fact I own a Unimat Gold Weinig Moulder. It allows for fast and efficient production of wood mouldings without taking up a huge amount of floor space or a lot of dollars. For a small shop like my own, it allows economic and efficient production without the added pressure of constant use to justify high capital cost.

Today, Weining has stepped up their automation with the introduction of their Powermat moulder series, that is completely automated with cutters, fences, table plates, and even feed rollers positioned with just the push of a button. Everything is controlled from a computer interface.

Their line of wood moulders is supported by grinding equipment. WEINIG's Rondamat Series is a selection of tool grinding machines that integrate custom profile knife grinding with quick set-up capabilities on all their wood molders. They are able to handle a variety of materials from high speed steel, stellite, and carbide. Their product lineup includes tool grinders that sharpen straight knives, re-grind of fingerjoint cutters and generate new and resharpen standard profile knives from Plexiglas or metal templates. After all a great moulder is of little value if the tooling doesn't match in accuracy and quality.

Today through in-house development and corporate acquisitions, the Michael Weinig Group is a leader not only in wood moulders, but also fingerjointing machines under the GRECON name, high speed planers under the WACO name and optimizing crosscut and rip saws under the names DIMTER and RAIMANN.

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