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FCN200 Porter Cable Flooring Nailer

Power: the Porter Cable FCN200 is a Pneumatic Flooring Cleat Nailer, that uses a compressor to provide air at approximately 70-100 psi. This floor nailer comes preassembled with an angled air hose nipple that I really appreciate. It does not interfere during installation.

The actual pressure setting for a pneumatic nailer, can vary for a number of reasons, so make sure that you experiment a little before hand.

Nails: The FCN200 uses "L" shaped flooring cleats,, 1 1/2" -2" in length.

This gives you a great amount of flexibility because standard 3/4" thick solid hardwood flooring requires a 2" cleat for secure installation, versus its thinner engineered cousin that only needs a 1 1/2" floor cleat to meet the typically installation guidelines. The Porter Cable design allows you to get away with purchasing one flooring nailer. Floors of various thicknesses are then easily accommodated.

Weight: 13 lbs, aluminum body.

Design: the Porter Cable Nailer is designed to be balanced. In other words it's center of gravity is low to the floor to allow it to stand independently without falling over. This may sound kind of irrelevant until you have used other tools that seem to be constantly tipping and leaving dents in your new hardwood. That gets a little frustrating and expensive to say the least. They have also shortened the hammer head to allow the machine to get closer to the wall when installing the starting rows..... and one last feature I like is the long upright handle... saves the back a little

Price Range: $400-500

If you require servicing of your FCN200 Porter Cable Flooring Nailer here is the link for the parts manual.


You are required to create a profile and log in to their service portal but there is no cost and the site includes clear schematics and instruction manuals for many of their tools.

Note: if you are outside of the US then select the box at the very bottom right hand corner for "clients outside the US" and you will be given a special login. You won't be able to purchase parts online but will get access to the part manual directory.

... and if that doesn't work, then here is a part supplier that has posted up the Porter Cable FCN200 Flooring Nailer Parts Schematic

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