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Interior Wood Railings

Keep your kids safe, your insurance company happy and more money in your pocket! Check with your local Building controls office BEFORE you begin any interior wood railing installation. Save money and do it right the first time! Here's a few ideas about what you need to know to comply with most Residential Building Codes

Spindles, Newels, shoes, caps, & base rails... are all the parts needed to build an interior stair railings. Finding out what is available to ease the installation is half the battle so we're slowly adding information to help you along the way... I do say slowly because I haven't found out how to extend the day from 24 to 34 hours... any suggestions :) .. please call

Spindles, pickets or Balusters are the same thing. They come in a myriad of sizes, patterns and woods if you are willing to dig far enough. The typically box store choice is 1 5/16" in size oak spindle, square top and bottom, and has a turned pattern in the middle. Here's what you need to know.. spindles for interior railings

The main post or "newel post" or "newell post" if you like the extra 'l', is the boss... the big guy that holds up and secures the entire railing system. Its important because without strength and proper installation your whole railing system will fall apart.

And then of course there is the wood handrail and all the little pieces that finish off the job without a great struggle.




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